Step 1 | Find & Excavate (this is a T-Rex femur)
Step 2 | Tight-wrap in foil
Step 3 | Cover in a plaster caste
Step 4 | Flip over and repeat
One down, many to go...

excavating, preparing, and supplying superior fossils for two decades

Hello and welcome. I am Craig Pfister, sole proprietor of Great Plains Paleontology. I discover, excavate, prepare, and sell dinosaur fossils. 

Unlike most other companies that sell vertebrate fossils, I do not import and re-sell fossils. I find my own specimens and prepare them to museum standards. Please contact me for currently available fossils and fossil specimens

All of the fossils I sell are legally collected on private land with the consent of the landowner. Landowners are kept informed of the progress of each excavation and sale, and receive a percentage of the sale price.